Can We Start Advertising in the Threads App? [2024]

In recent years, the Threads app, owned by Meta (the parent company of Instagram), has gained immense popularity, attracting over 100 million users, including brands, celebrities, journalists, and influencers.

Threads provides a dedicated space for personal updates, fostering intimate connections between users and public figures. However, currently, advertisers do not have the option to advertise within the Threads app, as Meta has not announced any plans for such a feature.

In this article, we will delve into what Threads is, explore its popularity, and discuss the potential for advertising on the platform.

Threads and its Popularity:

What is Threads?

Threads is a unique social network for sharing text updates, closely linked to Instagram. Users need an Instagram account to sign up and can choose who they want to follow from their existing followers.

The app allows users to share text updates, photos, and videos up to five minutes long, offering a platform for more in-depth content compared to traditional social media platforms.

Factors Contributing to its Popularity:

Threads’ popularity stems from several key factors:

  • Dedicated Space for Personal Updates: Threads provides a separate space for creators, public figures, and individuals to share timely updates about their interests, fostering deeper connections with their audience.
  • Intimate Engagement: The app enables influencers and celebrities to engage with their audience on a more personal level, building stronger connections between users and the public figures they follow.
  • Focused Content Consumption: Threads allows users to curate their feed, choosing to follow specific individuals from their existing Instagram followers. This focused content consumption ensures users receive updates from people they are most interested in, without unrelated posts or advertisements.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Control: Threads offers increased privacy and content control, allowing users to share updates only with close friends or specific groups, ensuring a select audience sees their posts.
  • Integration with Instagram: The seamless integration between Threads and Instagram enhances users’ overall social media experience, making it convenient to switch between the two platforms.

The Absence of Advertising in Threads:

Clutter-Free User Experience:

The lack of advertising in Threads contributes to a clutter-free user experience, enabling users to engage with content without intrusive ads interrupting their interactions. This enhances the app’s appeal to those seeking a distraction-free platform for personal updates.

Limitations for Brands:

From a business perspective, the absence of advertising in Threads restricts brands from leveraging the app’s growing user base to connect with a highly targeted audience. Brands are currently unable to run ads or sponsored content within the app.

Can We Start Advertising in Threads App?

Currently, advertisers do not have the option to advertise within the Threads app. Meta has not made any announcements regarding allowing brands to run ads on the platform.

As of now, Threads primarily serves as a dedicated space for personal updates and connections, rather than a monetization channel for brands.

The absence of advertising within Threads has both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, users can enjoy a clutter-free experience without intrusive ads interrupting their interactions.

However, from a business perspective, this limits the potential for brands to leverage the app’s growing user base and engage with a highly targeted audience.

The Future of Threads and Advertising:

Uncertainty and Possibilities:

As of the current date in 2023, Meta has not revealed any plans for introducing advertising on the Threads app. However, considering the app’s popularity and its connection to Instagram, the potential for advertising cannot be entirely ruled out.

Balancing User Experience and Advertising:

If Meta were to introduce advertising on Threads, striking a balance between maintaining a positive user experience and providing opportunities for brands to promote their products or services would be essential. Implementing non-intrusive and relevant ad formats that align with user interests would be crucial to ensure success.

Targeted Advertising Opportunities:

With access to data from both Instagram and Threads, brands could potentially reach their desired audience more effectively through targeted advertising. Sponsored updates from creators or targeted promotions based on user preferences could be explored.

Potential Benefits of Advertising in Threads:

  • Access to Engaged Audience: Threads boasts a highly engaged user base, comprising individuals who actively follow public figures and influencers they admire. This presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to reach an audience that is already invested in the content being shared on the platform.
  • Niche Targeting: Advertising within Threads could offer advertisers a unique advantage in terms of niche targeting. As users curate their feeds by choosing whom to follow, advertisers can tap into specific interests and demographics, ensuring their ads are delivered to a relevant and receptive audience.
  • Leveraging Influencer Partnerships: Threads’ close association with Instagram means that many influencers and celebrities already have a presence on the platform. Brands could potentially collaborate with these influencers to create sponsored content that seamlessly integrates with the organic updates shared on Threads, resulting in authentic and engaging advertisements.

User Concerns and Challenges:

  • Balancing Commercial Content: One of the primary challenges Meta would face in implementing advertising within Threads is striking a balance between commercial content and personal updates. To maintain the app’s appeal, it will be crucial to ensure that advertisements do not overpower or disrupt the authentic, personal experience that users value.
  • Maintaining User Privacy: Threads currently offers enhanced privacy features, allowing users to share updates selectively. If advertising is introduced, preserving user privacy and control over their data will be of utmost importance to retain user trust.
  • Integration with Instagram’s Advertising Platform: Meta would need to consider how advertising on Threads fits into the broader advertising ecosystem of Instagram. Integrating Threads into the existing advertising platform while maintaining its unique identity could present technical and logistical challenges.

Possible Advertising Formats:

  • Sponsored Updates: One potential advertising format could involve brands sponsoring updates from creators or public figures. These sponsored updates could be clearly marked as advertisements but delivered in a way that aligns with the natural content flow of the platform.
  • Targeted Promotions: Using data from Instagram and Threads, advertisers could run targeted promotions based on user preferences and interests. This approach ensures that users receive ads relevant to their preferences, improving the overall advertising experience.
  • Non-Intrusive Display Ads: Meta might explore non-intrusive display ads that seamlessly blend into the Threads user interface without disrupting the user experience. Such ads could be designed to be aesthetically pleasing and contextually relevant to users’ interests.


As of now, advertising within the Threads app is not an option, and Meta has not announced any plans to allow brands to run ads on the platform. Threads’ popularity lies in its focus on personal updates, intimate engagement, focused content consumption, enhanced privacy, and integration with Instagram. While the absence of advertising ensures a clutter-free user experience, it also limits brand opportunities to connect with a highly targeted audience.

The future of Threads and advertising remains uncertain, but if Meta decides to introduce ads, striking a balance between user experience and advertising effectiveness will be crucial. As the app continues to evolve, we may see new developments that could shape the advertising landscape within Threads.


Can brands currently advertise in the Threads app?

No, currently, there is no option for brands to advertise within the Threads app. Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Threads, has not announced any plans for allowing brands to run ads on the platform.

What kind of content can be shared on the Threads app?

Users can share text updates, photos, and videos on the Threads app. The app allows photos and videos up to five minutes long and has a 500 character limit for text updates.

Will Meta introduce advertising on the Threads app in the future?

The future of advertising within the Threads app is uncertain as Meta has not revealed its plans. However, considering the popularity of the app and its connection to Instagram, there is a possibility that Meta may explore advertising options in the future.

What advertising formats could be explored on the Threads app?

Meta could consider various advertising formats, such as sponsored updates from creators or targeted promotions based on user preferences. Leveraging the available data from Instagram and Threads would help brands effectively reach their desired audience.

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