How To Use Midjourney Ai For Free? [2024]

Midjourney AI is an AI-powered image generator that allows users to create stunning visuals simply by describing what they want in natural language. Since launching in 2021, Midjourney has become hugely popular, with over 1 million users. However, Midjourney’s advanced features come at a price, with users required to purchase credits to generate images after an initial free trial.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can continue using Midjourney’s AI image generation capabilities for free, without needing to spend money on credits.

Use The Free Trial

When you first sign up for Midjourney, you are given 25 free credits to test out the system. Each image generation uses up 1 credit.

Make the most of this free trial by experimenting with different prompts and fine-tuning your requests to create the best images possible. Try out Midjourney’s impressive capabilities during the free period so you can get a feel for what it can do before deciding if you want to pay for more.

Spend time familiarizing yourself with the syntax and AI functionality so you can craft effective prompts later even without credits.

Join The Midjourney Discord

The official Midjourney Discord server is an invaluable resource for continuing to use the AI image generator for free.

With over 100,000 members, the Discord is full of members sharing their prompt ideas, beautiful images generated with Midjourney, and tips on getting the most out of the AI.

By joining the Discord and exploring the channels, you can find plenty of prompt inspiration from the community. Try out the prompts others have shared to generate free images using your 25 starter credits.

The Discord also announces free credit giveaways and competitions periodically. Keep an eye out and participate for chances to win credits while paying nothing.

Follow Midjourney AI On Social Media

Midjourney shares content frequently on its official social media profiles, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Following these accounts is a great way to see examples of imaginative image prompts and the stunning creations Midjourney generates for them.

You can get tons of prompt inspiration from the images shared across Midjourney’s social channels. Recreate the ones you like during your free trial, or come up with your own variations on the concepts.

Midjourney also announces special offers and free credit awards through its social media sometimes. So make sure to follow them to grab any free credits up for grabs.

Browse The Midjourney Subreddit

The r/Midjourney subreddit is a community of over 200,000 Midjourney users who share their favorite generative art.

Browsing through the subreddit will uncover an endless collection of unique prompts and remarkable images created with them.

Use prompts that catch your eye to create your own versions of images during your free trial. Get exposed to novel prompt ideas you maybe would never have thought of otherwise.

Reddit members also share information on any free Midjourney credits being given away. Check thread titles and comments for mentions of free credits.

View Public Galleries

Midjourney allows users to create public galleries showcasing images they have generated based on different themes and prompt concepts.

There are tons of public Midjourney galleries online. Search through them to get prompted on imaginative ideas for your own images.

Testing out prompts used in public galleries during your free trial is a great way to create stunning images without needing to spend any money.

Some public galleries also provide the prompts used to generate the images directly. This lets you easily recreate the best images in that style for free during your trial.

Use Prompt-Sharing Websites

There are various online hubs specifically for sharing, discovering, and collaborating on Midjourney prompts.

Websites like Prompt Base and Prompt Mania offer searchable databases of prompts contributed by the community.

Browsing these sites provides endless effective prompt phrases for free inspiration. Search for your desired themes or imagery to find fitting prompts to try out during your free credits.

Some prompt websites also have discussion forums for collaborating on prompt ideas. Get involved for even more inspiration.

Follow Midjourney Artists

There are lots of talented digital artists who share their Midjourney creations on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Follow artists like Greg Rutkowski, Alper Yesiltas, and Vlad Alexeev for daily dose of awe-inspiring images.

Often times these artists will reveal the prompts or concepts behind their Midjourney art in their posts or bios.

Use the prompts and inspiration from pieces you admire to recreate your own versions with the AI during your free trial.

Search Online For Prompts

A simple online search for “Midjourney prompts” or “best Midjourney prompts” will provide tons of lists, galleries, and articles sharing various effective prompts.

Sift through the results and compile a list of prompt phrases that appeal to you.

Use these nuggets of prompt inspiration to maximize your 25 free credits when starting out with Midjourney.

You can also search for prompts related to specific subjects or aesthetics like “Midjourney prompts space” or “Midjourney prompts anime”“.

Experiment With Prompt Structuring

Rather than always relying on full prompt phrases others have crafted, get creative and come up with your own prompts.

You can often take concepts from images you like and turn them into a prompt simply by describing the aesthetic, style, mood, etc.

Play around with different descriptive words and ways to structure your descriptive prompt. Small tweaks can make a big difference in the results.

Get to know how Midjourney interprets different vocab during your free trial for crafting your own prompts confidently later.

Use Free Prompt Generators

Some helpful tools online can auto-generate prompts for you to test out for free inspiration.

For example, Midjourney Prompt Generator creates random prompt phrases at the click of a button.

It also lets you customize the prompts with terms relating to categories like characters, styles, and themes.

Sites like PromptHero also provide free random Midjourney prompt generation.

Use these tools to effortlessly create a variety of unique prompts to experiment with during your free credits.

Combine Prompt Elements

You don’t have to stick to full prompt phrases you find online. Try combining different elements from multiple sources into new hybrid prompts.

For example, take the style description from one prompt, an aesthetic term from another, and a thematic concept from a third – then put them together into your own prompt invention.

This prompt mixing and matching allows endless possibilities to try out with your free Midjourney credits.

Make Edits To Get Better Results

Don’t be afraid to iteratively edit a prompt that doesn’t quite give you the results you want at first.

Tweak the wording bit by bit, or remove/add descriptive elements until you land on phrasing that makes Midjourney generate something closer to what you have in mind.

The key is experimenting with small prompt adjustments and seeing the impact during your free trial period.

Soon you will get better at crafting prompts that produce high quality images in Midjourney’s signature style.


With an abundance of prompt inspiration sources and a willingness to experiment, you can continue leveraging Midjourney’s AI capabilities long after your initial free credits run out.

Spend time interacting with the Midjourney community to find tons of prompt phrase ideas to try out. Follow along on social media and bookmark helpful online resources.

Learn what makes prompts effective during the free trial to get better at composing your own later. Use generative tools and remix prompts for fresh ideas.

Mastering the art of prompting allows you to create beautiful AI-generated art with Midjourney for free indefinitely.

So tap into the community’s shared knowledge and get prompting! Before long you’ll be crafting imaginative requests that make the most of Midjourney’s creativity.


Q1: What is Midjourney?

A1: Midjourney is an AI system that generates images from text prompts. It produces unique and stunning visuals based on natural language descriptions provided by users.

Q2: How many free credits do you get with Midjourney?

A2: When you first sign up for Midjourney, you get 25 free credits to try creating images with the AI. Each image generation uses 1 credit.

Q3: Where can I find prompts to use with my Midjourney free credits?

A3: Great places to find free Midjourney prompt inspiration include the official Discord, Midjourney’s social media, the Midjourney subreddit, online public galleries, prompt sharing sites, and searching for prompts related to your desired themes.

Q4: What should I do during the Midjourney free trial?

A4: Make the most of your 25 starter credits by experimenting with different prompts to see what works best. Get familiar with how to structure effective prompts and finesse your descriptions. This will help you later when generating images without credits.

Q5: How do I continue using Midjourney for free after the trial ends?

A5: Join the Midjourney community online to discover tons of shared prompts. Remix and customize prompts. Use free prompt generator tools. Iteratively edit prompts for better results. With practice, you can craft high-quality prompts to use even without paid credits.

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