Maxroll Diablo 4 Tier List: Expert Rankings for 2024

Today we are gonna discuss about Maxroll Diablo 4 Tier List. Diablo 4 is one of the most highly anticipated ARPG games releasing in 2024. As the latest installment in the legendary Diablo franchise, Diablo 4 promises to offer players an expansive open world, five customizable classes, and endless opportunities for loot and character builds.

With so many options for skills, gear, and playstyles, it can be overwhelming for new and returning players to know which class and builds are strong in the current meta. This is where Maxroll’s Diablo 4 tier list comes in handy.

Maxroll is one of the premier online resources for ARPG games like Diablo, Path of Exile, and Lost Ark. Their team of expert theory crafters and experienced players continuously test, optimize, and rank different classes and builds. Using Maxroll’s tier list as a guide can help you choose a powerful main character and build as you venture through the dark gothic world of Diablo 4.

Maxroll Diablo 4 Tier List

Maxroll Diablo 4 Tier List

S Tier – Necromancer

Sitting comfortably at the top of Maxroll’s Diablo 4 tier list is the Necromancer. As a pet and minion-focused class, the Necromancer looks to be extremely powerful in Diablo 4’s metagame. With the ability to have up to 23 minions summoned at once, the Necromancer can unleash a small army upon its foes.

Some of the Necromancer’s top abilities and mechanics include:

  • Army of the Dead – summons 6 skeletal mages that explode enemies
  • Revive – summons targeted corpses to fight for you
  • Command Golem – summons a powerful Golem pet
  • Corpse Explosion – explodes corpses to deal high AoE damage

Maxroll highlights strong builds for the Necromancer like the Skeleton Mage and Golem Master builds. These specs offer excellent damage, survivability, and versatility for both solo play and group play.

A Tier – Rogue

Just behind the Necromancer is the Rogue, placing very highly on Maxroll’s D4 tier list ratings. The Rogue is extremely mobile and brings very high single target and AoE damage to the table.

Some key Rogue mechanics are:

  • Combo Points – build up combo points to empower abilities
  • Shadow Realm – enter a shadowy realm for big damage
  • Companion – summon a raven companion for bonuses
  • Traps – throw down traps to control battlefield and damage

Top Rogue builds according to Maxroll include the Bladedancer build which focuses on dashing between enemies and hitting combos and the Saboteur build which emphasizes laying traps and kiting enemies into them. The Rogue’s full arsenal of tricks will make her a very popular D4 class at launch.

B Tier – Barbarian

The iconic Barbarian class in Diablo has always been a force to be reckoned with, able to easily plow through hordes of enemies. Maxroll positions the Barbarian in B tier currently, still projecting it to be a very solid class.

Here are some defining Barbarian features:

  • Rage – build up and spend Rage to empower abilities
  • Warcries – powerful shouted abilities to buff yourself
  • Weapon Mastery – specialize in weapons for bonuses
  • Endless Mass – pull enemies together for AoE

Strong Barb builds to leverage these tools include the Incinerator build for throwing and slamming fire abilities and the Berserker build for ripping through enemies with pure Rage. The guide recommends the Barb for those who love visceral, in-your-face melee combat.

C Tier – Druid

Sitting in the middle of the pack is the Druid, a brand new class added in Diablo 4. The Druid is a shapeshifting class that can turn into different animal forms. Maxroll currently projects the Druid as middle of the road in power level.

Here are the Druid’s most notable mechanics:

  • Shapeshifting – transform into wolf, bear, and human forms
  • Sorcerer – use elemental Storm and Earth magic
  • Pet Master – summon loyal animal companions
  • Melee Warrior – use claws and teeth in werebear form

Top Druid builds to leverage these diverse tools are the Mauler build which focuses on werebear melee damage and the Elemental Rager build which uses Storm and Earth magic for ranged elemental damage.

D Tier – Sorceress

One surprise positioning is the Sorceress all the way down in D tier for Diablo 4. Often top tier in previous Diablo games, Maxroll’s early analysis places the Sorceress as one of the weaker feeling classes in the current alpha version of Diablo 4.

Here’s an overview of the Sorceress:

  • Elemental Magic – master cold, fire, lightning, and arcane magic
  • Teleport – zip around quickly for mobility
  • Slow Time – control time around you or enemies
  • Hydra – summon multi-headed Hydras that attack for you

Top builds include the Frostweaver build which focuses on freeze abilities and ice hydras and the Temporal Mage build which manipulates time for control. The guide notes the Sorceress may still see tuning and balances passes before Diablo 4’s full launch.

F Tier – No Classes Currently

Maxroll’s Diablo 4 tier list currently does not have any classes ranked as low as F tier. This indicates that overall class balance is in a fairly healthy state in these early stages of Diablo 4. The development team has expressed commitment to regularly tuning classes and skills to prevent any one class from being non-viable.

Closing Thoughts on the Diablo 4 Tier List

Maxroll’s 2024 Diablo 4 tier list provides excellent insight into the current power levels and viability of the five announced classes. This early look shows the Necromancer and Rogue shining as top tier, Barbarian and Druid as solid middle options, and Sorceress lagging a bit behind.

Of course, much can and likely will change over the course of Diablo 4’s extended development. Players should take this tier list as a snapshot that can help inform class choice, not definitive future proof rankings. Maxroll will surely be updating their tier list continuously as Diablo 4 closes in on its eventual PC and console launch.


What is Maxroll?

Maxroll is one of the most reputable online resources for ARPG gaming guides and builds. Their team offers in-depth analysis and tier rankings for popular ARPGs like Diablo, Path of Exile, Lost Ark, and more.

How often does Maxroll update the Diablo 4 tier list?

The Diablo 4 tier list is continuously updated whenever new patches, balance changes, or content releases happen in the game. Players can expect the list to evolve over time as the meta evolves.

What criteria does Maxroll use for ranking classes?

Maxroll uses a combination of data like damage calculations, survivability metrics, ease of gearing, and performance in campaign vs endgame when determining class rankings. Their experts synthesize numbers with hands-on gameplay experience.

Which class is best for new players in Diablo 4?

Based on the current tier list, the Necromancer and Rogue are good options for beginners due to their power levels and ease of play. Barbarian is also an evergreen simple option to pick up.

Which Diablo 4 class is the best for PvP?

Early indications point to Rogue and Sorceress thriving in PvP situations, though PvP balance is still an ongoing effort. Maxroll will update PvP class rankings once Diablo 4’s PvP mode is fully live.

Is it possible to respec or change builds in Diablo 4?

Yes, Diablo 4 offers a full respec system that allows reallocating points, changing skills, and re-gearing your character. This makes it easy to try multiple builds on the same class.

What are the best builds for each class right now?

Top builds per the tier list are Skeleton Mage or Golem Master for Necromancer, Bladedancer or Saboteur for Rogue, Berserker or Incinerator for Barbarian, Mauler or Elemental Rager for Druid, and Frostweaver or Temporal Mage for Sorceress.

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