100+ BEST Midjourney AI Prompts for Stunning Artwork [2024]

Today we are going through 100+ Best Midjourney AI Prompts for Stunning Artwork. Midjourney is an AI art generator that creates stunning visual artwork from text prompts. In just the past year, Midjourney has taken the world by storm and inspired countless artists and creators with its ability to generate incredibly detailed and imaginative images.

With the right prompts, Midjourney can produce works of art that rival those made by human artists. The key is learning how to provide the AI with clear, descriptive prompts that give it enough direction without overly constraining its creativity.

This article will provide over 100 amazing Midjourney prompts that you can use to create jaw-dropping AI art for your projects and designs. Whether you’re looking for sci-fi landscapes, fantasy characters, abstract art, or any other genre, this list has you covered with prompts that generate artistic masterpieces every time.

Midjourney AI Prompts for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography captures the beauty of nature in an artistic way. Here are some great prompts for Midjourney to generate stunning landscape photos:

  1. Aerial view of a vast canyon with a river winding through, hyperrealistic
  2. Rolling green hills fading into misty mountains, dramatic lighting, highly detailed
  3. Cherry blossom tree in full bloom with a still lake reflecting it, pink flowers falling, intricate
  4. Perfectly symmetrical starburst reflected in a still body of water during sunrise
  5. Epic wide landscape of the grand canyon at golden hour, detailed rock layers, cinematic lighting
  6. Top down view of colorful hot air balloons floating over a vibrant green valley
  7. Vast snowy mountain range soaring into the clouds, alpine meadow in foreground, cinematic depth of field
  8. Rainforest waterfall pouring over a cliff, surrounded by lush green foliage, highly detailed
  9. Panoramic northern lights at night illuminating mountains and a frozen lake, extremely detailed
  10. Aerial view of white sand beaches and turquoise water in Bora Bora, tropical paradise

Midjourney AI Prompts for Space Photography

The cosmos contains so much beauty and mystery to inspire AI art. Here are amazing space prompts:

  1. highly detailed image of a spiral galaxy , vivid blues, purples and pinks, visible stars and nebulas
  2. epic image of earth rising over the moon’s horizon with many stars visible, cinematic lighting
  3. close up view of a colorful nebula with swirling gases and dust, extremely intricate details
  4. distant view of earth surrounded by brilliant stars with the milky way visible, dramatic composition
  5. futuristic megacity on mars with space elevators, domes, and terraformed landscapes, hyper detailed
  6. Jupiter and its moons with swirling storms and clouds, vivid colors, cinematic lighting
  7. highly advanced alien mothership orbiting a black hole, visible light distortion, intricate details
  8. crystal clear view of saturn’s rings with the planet lighting up the background, dramatic shadows
  9. two galaxies colliding, bright colorful streams connecting them, extreme level of detail
  10. Sun flaring prominently over the horizon of a rocky exoplanet, visible craters and mountains

Midjourney AI Prompts for Character Concept Art

Bring fictional characters to life with these prompts for stunning concept art:

  1. an old wizard wearing a long cloak and pointy hat, intricate fantasy clothes and props
  2. mighty female warrior wielding a glowing sword and shield, ornate armor, movie poster style
  3. cute fairy sitting atop a mushroom with butterfly wings and flower petal dress, highly detailed
  4. alien cyborg with neon blue lights glowing in its circuitry, intricate mechanical parts
  5. victorian era vampire with pale skin, blood red eyes, ornate gothic clothing, detailed
  6. anthropomorphic wolf knight wearing armor brandishing battle axe, serious expression, cinematic lighting
  7. mystical genie emerging from a lamp, smoke tendrils and sparkles, intricate details
  8. brooding fallen angel with charcoal black wings and horned helmet, extremely detailed
  9. colorful bird humanoid perched in a tree gazing dreamily, vivid tropical feathers, detailed beak
  10. ominous space marine in massive mech suit with glowing parts, photorealistic

Midjourney AI Prompts for Architecture

Architectural wonders are the perfect subject for Midjourney’s detailed rendering. Try these prompts:

  1. ancient grecian temple on a hill overlooking the aegean sea at sunset
  2. massive gothic cathedral with stained glass windows and flying buttresses
  3. futuristic skyscraper covered in neon lights reflecting on the streets below
  4. ornate viking mead hall filled with wooden carvings, furs, and burning hearth
  5. peaceful shinto shrine in a bamboo forest, torii gate in foreground
  6. sprawling medieval castle on the coast of scotland during a storm
  7. suburban home with intricate landscaping, garden gnomes, and birdfeeders
  8. sideways skyscraper city with bridges between buildings at different heights
  9. ancient cambodian temple overgrown with jungle vines and roots
  10. ultra detailed cyberpunk megacity street scene, flying cars and holograms

Midjourney AI Prompts for Still Life

Still life art captures inanimate objects in an artistic composition. These prompts generate beautiful still life paintings:

  1. ornate glass vase with a bouquet of roses on a wooden table, soft lighting
  2. bowl of fresh fruit including apples, oranges, grapes illuminated from the side
  3. dramatic still life of a human skull with black background, extremely detailed
  4. abstract geometric shapes and colors in perfect balance, vivid and sharp details
  5. antique hourglass, globe, ink quill and books stacked on a dark wooden desk
  6. colorful macaroons neatly arranged, soft lighting and shadows, food photography
  7. slice of cake with layers, fork, berries, subtle depth of field, food blog style
  8. crystalline decanter of whisky sitting on a leather book, cinematic lighting, shallow dof
  9. artisan cheese board with fruits, nuts, honeycomb, aesthetic composition
  10. sunlight streaming over a bouquet of sunflowers in a vase, soft shadows and lighting

Midjourney AI Prompts for Portraits and People

Generate stunning portraits with these Midjourney portrait prompts:

  1. sharp black and white portrait of spanish flamenco dancer with fan mid-motion
  2. chuck close style photorealistic portrait of a tribal african elder woman
  3. close up portrait of child with face painted like a skeleton for halloween
  4. bearded lumberjack man grinning while wearing flannel and hardhat
  5. regal renaissance era queen wearing an intricate jewel crown
  6. iconic portrait of a 1980s punk rocker with spiked mohawk screaming into microphone
  7. thoughtful black and white close up of mahatma gandhi looking into the distance
  8. pastel colored portrait of young woman blowing bubblegum bubble, shallow dof
  9. Andy Warhol pop art multicolored portrait of Marilyn Monroe
  10. Photorealistic close up portrait of albert einstein working on formula

Midjourney AI Prompts for Abstract Art

Create mesmerizing abstract works with these prompts:

  1. geometric shapes and fluorescent colors forming perfect symmetry against black
  2. flowing organic abstract forms mimicking cell division and microscopic life
  3. vivid repeating fractal patterns expanding infinitely in ultra high resolution
  4. overlapping circles fading from warm to cool colors on dark background
  5. splattering acrylic paint on canvas in slow motion, extremely detailed macro view
  6. caustic light refractions in water projecting prismatic patterns on a wall
  7. close up view of Eye of Providence pyramid and rays with surreal colors
  8. fireworks exploding creating colorful trails and smoke, slow motion photograph
  9. faint trails of light in the sky showing the earth’s rotation, long exposure
  10. colorful ink drops suspended in water, swirling and bleeding into unique forms

Midjourney AI Prompts for Fantasy Environment

Dream up mystical realms with these fantasy prompts:

  1. moonlight foggy graveyard with crooked tombstones and leafless trees
  2. lush mystical rainforest with glowing mushrooms and bioluminescent plants
  3. wise centaur teaching class in ancient greece, parthenon visible
  4. giant treehouse village built high in the jungle canopy, intricate detail
  5. medieval blacksmith workshop with swords, armor, and fiery forge
  6. sentient tree character wearing a robe embedded in an ancient forest
  7. ornate elven city made of glowing crystals hidden within a mountain
  8. mythical creature zoo exhibit featuring mermaids, unicorns, dragons, and griffins
  9. magical library with books floating through the air tended by owl librarian
  10. mystic shaman in robes communing with nature spirits in a stone circle

Surreal Prompts

Make the impossible real with surreal art from these prompts:

  1. businessman in suit sitting in a floating chair holding balloons
  2. elephant made of clock parts walking through the desert leaving gear trails
  3. gigantic open book the size of a city with tiny people living inside
  4. fish joyfully swimming through crystal clear water in zero gravity
  5. old victorian mansion sprouting mechanical legs exploring post apocalypse
  6. apple tree bearing fruit that are portals to other dimensions
  7. flying manta ray-shaped island with upside down city and waterfalls
  8. girl in dress sitting in a room where everything is made of cake
  9. giant robot made of mirrors reflecting a kaleidoscopic landscape
  10. pacman and ghosts chasing each other through real world city streets

Sci-Fi Prompts

Explore new frontiers with these futuristic prompts:

  1. sprawling offworld human colony on a terraformed mars, earth visible
  2. levitating megacity powered by renewable energy and antigravity
  3. luxury interstellar spaceship hotel orbiting a vibrant nebula
  4. cyberpunk android with half human half machine face illuminated
  5. epic space battle between rebel alliance and galactic empire fleets
  6. Engineer performing maintenance on conscious humanoid robot, detailed
  7. Futuristic megacity street food stand selling exotic alien cuisine
  8. Post-apocalyptic convoy traveling through desert led by armored trucks
  9. Sleek high-tech laboratory where an AI is being developed
  10. Underwater biomechanoid research base with marine life swimming by
  11. Ancient temple with carved hieroglyphs depicting contact with aliens


These 100+ prompts demonstrate the incredible potential of Midjourney for generating stunning and boundless AI artworks. With practice and experimentation to refine prompts, Midjourney enables anyone to tap into its artistic capabilities.

The possibilities are endless for what you can create and how you can incorporate AI art into your creative projects. Use this prompt list as inspiration for your own unique ideas. The future of art and technology looks very bright with tools like Midjourney!


How do I use Midjourney AI prompts?

You need to sign up for Midjourney access online. Once you have an account, you can enter text prompts and Midjourney will generate a number of AI art options based on your description. Pick your favorite to refine, scale up, and download.

What makes a good Midjourney AI prompt?

Effective prompts are detailed but not overly specific. They provide enough context and direction without constraining the AI too much. Use descriptive language and list visual elements you want to see. Avoid prompts that are too vague or abstract.

Can I create anything with Midjourney?

Midjourney is capable of generating a vast range of art styles, subjects, and compositions. However, there are some limitations based on how its AI model was trained. Very abstract or conceptual ideas can be challenging. The best prompts describe a specific scene or visual elements.

How detailed are Midjourney images?

With the right prompts, Midjourney can produce highly photorealistic and intricate images. Using descriptors like “intricate”, “extremely detailed”, or “photorealistic” in your prompt helps generate higher resolution.

Can I sell or use Midjourney art commercially?

Midjourney’s terms allow you to use AI generated images for commercial purposes. However, you cannot claim sole copyright or ownership. Credit Midjourney and provide a link when sharing publicly. Unique edits and collages with Midjourney art are fully ownable.

Does Midjourney replace human artists?

Midjourney is a tool for augmenting creativity, not replacing it. While it can produce impressive art, humans are still required to conceive ideas and prompts. It excels at image generation but has no capacity for deeper meaning. The best results come from collaboration between AI tools and creative people.

What’s the future of AI art tools like Midjourney?

AI art is still in its early stages but improving rapidly. Future capabilities will likely include video and animation generation, personalized style mimicry, and collaborative human/AI art workflows. As the technology matures, we can expect AI tools like Midjourney to become even more versatile creative partners.

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