15 Ways To Fix “Midjourney The Application Did Not Respond” Error

Today we are gonna discuss 15 Ways To Fix “Midjourney The Application Did Not Respond” Error. Midjourney is an AI-powered text-to-image generator that has become hugely popular since its launch in 2021. It allows users to create stunning visual art by simply describing what they want in text prompts.

However, many Midjourney users encounter the frustrating “Midjourney did not respond” error which prevents them from generating images. This error typically occurs when the Midjourney servers are overloaded with requests.

In this article, we will provide 15 ways to fix the “Midjourney did not respond” error so you can get back to creating amazing AI artworks.

1. Wait a While and Try Again

The simplest fix is to just wait a while – from a few minutes to a couple of hours – and try generating your image again. Midjourney’s servers are periodically overloaded, so giving it some time to catch up could resolve the issue.

Close and restart the Midjourney app or website and then re-enter your prompt. Chances are the error will be gone and it will generate the image.

2. Double Check Your Internet Connection

Before troubleshooting Midjourney itself, double check that your own internet connection is working fine. Connectivity issues on your end could prevent your requests from reaching Midjourney’s servers.

Disconnect and reconnect your WiFi, or switch from WiFi to mobile data, to rule out any problems. A stable, high-speed internet connection is required for Midjourney to function smoothly.

3. Restart Your Device

If you are accessing Midjourney via a mobile app or locally installed program, a simple device restart could fix the problem. Close all apps, power down your smartphone, tablet or computer, wait 30 seconds, and restart it. This will clear any temporary glitches and give Midjourney app a fresh start.

4. Clear Cache and Data

In your device settings, locate the Midjourney app and clear its cache and data. This forces the app to start fresh, deleting any corrupted temporary files that could be causing errors. Re-open Midjourney to see if “did not respond” persists. Clearing cache regularly also improves performance.

5. Update the App

An outdated version of the Midjourney app could be the culprit. In your device’s app store, check if there is an available update for Midjourney and install it.

Developers constantly release patches to fix bugs and optimize stability. Updating to the latest version can resolve common errors like “did not respond”.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If cache clearing and updating did not work, the next step is to completely uninstall and reinstall Midjourney. This essentially resets the app and overwrites any problematic components that were causing crashes. After uninstalling, download Midjourney again from the Play Store or App Store and log back in.

7. Try Different Prompts

Some prompts and keywords tend to overload Midjourney’s image generators more than others, for example, references to celebrities. Try tweaking your text prompts to use less taxing language. Remove proper nouns, be less specific, and avoid overused keywords. This reduces strain on Midjourney, making errors less likely.

8. Use a VPN

Connecting through a VPN could allow you to bypass any location or network-based restrictions causing problems. Enable a VPN and select a server in a different city or country. Then try using Midjourney again. The VPN encrypts your web traffic, so your requests have a better chance of reaching Midjourney servers.

9. Factory Reset Your Device

For persistent issues not resolved by other methods, a factory reset clears out all temporary glitches and gives you a clean slate. Backup your data first, then reset your phone, tablet or computer to its default state. Download Midjourney again and check if “did not respond” still appears. This fixes very deep-rooted software and connectivity issues.

10. Contact Midjourney Support

If all else fails, directly contact Midjourney’s customer support. Explain the persistent “did not respond” error you are encountering. Their technical team may be able to identify server-side problems affecting your account or provide specialized troubleshooting tips. Email and in-app chat options are available.

11. Check System Requirements

Make sure your device meets Midjourney’s minimum system requirements – having sufficient RAM, graphics processing power, latest OS version etc. Upgrading your hardware could help if it’s outdated. Midjourney also provides guidance on optimizing systems for best performance.

12. Limit Number of Objects

When generating images, limit the number of objects, subjects and scene elements you describe in the text prompt. Overly complex prompts overload Midjourney’s image generators. Try simplifying and reducing the items mentioned.

13. Use Midjourney’s Forums

Check Midjourney’s community forums where users discuss common errors and fixes. You may find solutions or extra troubleshooting suggestions from others who have faced “did not respond.” The forums also allow you to ask for help directly.

14. Generate During Off-Peak Hours

Try using Midjourney during off-peak hours when fewer people are accessing it, like late at night or early morning. This reduces server load so your requests are more likely to go through without timing out. Schedule your image generation for lean usage periods.

15. Report Issues to Midjourney

If a particular error persists, document details like prompts used, error screenshots, device info etc. and send a bug report to Midjourney developers. They can then investigate and resolve recurring system faults that may be affecting users globally.


The “Midjourney did not respond” error can be immensely frustrating, but is usually resolvable. From simply waiting to completely factory resetting your device, one of these 10 troubleshooting methods should successfully fix the problem.

Patience and a systematic approach is key. When advanced AI-powered creative tools like Midjourney stumble, don’t hesitate to utilize their customer support channels as well. With these techniques, you’ll be creating incredible AI artworks again in no time.


What causes the “Midjourney did not respond” error?

This error occurs when Midjourney’s AI image generators are overloaded with too many user requests. It fails to respond due to high server demand and lack of available capacity.

How long should I wait before retrying if Midjourney does not respond?

Wait at least a few minutes before retrying, up to a couple of hours during peak usage periods. This allows time for Midjourney’s systems to catch up and clear any backlog of requests.

Does having a weak internet connection cause this error?

Yes, an unstable or slow internet connection can lead to requests failing to reach Midjourney servers, resulting in the “did not respond” error. Use a strong WiFi or wired connection.

Should I delete and reinstall Midjourney if it stops responding?

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app can help refresh Midjourney’s components and reset any glitches causing the no response issue. This is worth trying.

What prompts are more likely to make Midjourney not respond?

Very complex prompts with multiple subjects and objects tend to overload Midjourney more. Simplify prompts and reduce specificity to improve response rate.

Can using a VPN fix Midjourney not responding?

Yes, connecting through a VPN encrypts your web traffic so your requests are more likely to reach Midjourney servers without any network restrictions.

Who can I contact for help with Midjourney not responding?

You can get assistance directly from Midjourney’s customer support team via email or in-app chat. Their tech experts can troubleshoot your specific issue.

How can I optimize my device for smoother Midjourney performance?

Update your operating system, graphics drivers, clear disk space, add more RAM if possible, and close other resource-heavy apps when generating Midjourney images.

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