Rivera vs Google Settlement: Protecting Privacy Rights in Illinois

Rivera vs Google Settlement: In a landmark class-action lawsuit, Google recently agreed to pay a staggering $100 million settlement for breaching the privacy of residents in the state of Illinois.

The Rivera vs Google settlement centers around Google’s facial recognition application, which violated the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the settlement, including its background, implications, and the process for Illinois residents to claim their portion.

What Is Rivera Vs Google Settlement?

The Rivera vs Google settlement is a class-action lawsuit that specifically targets Google’s facial recognition application and its violation of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act.

This law, enacted to safeguard citizens’ biometric information, requires organizations to obtain explicit consent before collecting or storing such data. With the Illinois residents as the beneficiaries, the settlement amount has surpassed $100 million.

It is crucial to note that Google faces numerous other privacy breach lawsuits across various states in the United States, leading to significant financial setbacks.

The Significance of the Settlement:

The primary significance of the Rivera vs Google settlement lies in holding a tech giant accountable for its breach of privacy.

While the individual monetary compensation may not be substantial, the settlement serves as a crucial step toward protecting privacy rights in the digital age.

It establishes a precedent that emphasizes the importance of informed consent and safeguards against unauthorized data collection.

How Much Will I Get From Google Settlement?

Illinois residents who wish to benefit from the settlement must submit a claim form, which determines the portion they will receive.

The eligibility period for the settlement ranges from May 1, 2015, to April 25, 2022, ensuring that those affected during this period can seek compensation.

The final hearing for the settlement concluded on June 7th, 2023, and authorized claimants should expect to receive their payout shortly thereafter.

The settlement aims to provide each eligible Illinois resident with approximately $95.

While this amount may seem relatively modest, it should be understood that the primary objective is to uphold privacy rights rather than solely monetary compensation.

By participating in the settlement, residents contribute to the protection of their privacy and that of others in the future.

How To Apply For The Rivera Vs Google Settlement?

To apply for the settlement, residents of Illinois must visit the settlement website and follow a straightforward process to verify their claims. Here are the steps involved:

a. Access The Settlement Website

Visit the designated settlement website to obtain all necessary information related to the lawsuit.

b. Verify Your Claim

On the website, click on the “Verify My Claim” button, which will direct you to an agreement letter outlining the information required to file a claim. Carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions, then click the “Begin Claim” button to proceed.

c. Enter Your Information

Complete the provided form with all the necessary details. Additionally, select your preferred payment method. Upon submission, you will be added to the list of individuals eligible to receive a portion of the settlement. Remember to provide all the requested proofs to ensure a successful claim.


The Rivera vs Google settlement represents a significant milestone in the fight to protect privacy rights. With a payment of over $100 million, Google acknowledges its breach of privacy through its facial recognition application.

Illinois residents affected by this violation have the opportunity to claim a portion of the settlement, reinforcing the importance of informed consent and data protection.

By participating in the settlement process, individuals contribute to shaping a more privacy-conscious digital landscape and hold corporations accountable for their actions.


Q1. What is the Rivera vs Google settlement about?

A: The Rivera vs Google settlement is a class-action lawsuit against Google for breaching privacy through its facial recognition application. The lawsuit specifically targets the violation of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act and aims to protect the privacy rights of Illinois residents.

Q2. How much did Google pay for the settlement?

A: Google agreed to pay a settlement amount of $100 million for the Rivera vs Google case. This substantial sum reflects the seriousness of the privacy breach and serves as a form of redress for affected individuals.

Q3. Who is eligible to claim a portion of the Rivera vs Google Settlement?

A: The settlement is open to residents of Illinois who resided in the state between May 1, 2015, and April 25, 2022. Eligible individuals must submit a claim form to be considered for compensation.

Q4. How much compensation can an individual expect from the Rivera vs Google settlement?

A: Each eligible Illinois resident may receive approximately $95 from the settlement. While the monetary compensation may seem modest, the primary objective is to protect privacy rights and hold Google accountable for its actions.

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