How to Use ChatGPT Without Phone Number Verification? [2024]

How to Use ChatGPT Without Phone Number Verification? ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It is designed to have natural conversations and assist users with a wide range of tasks like answering questions, summarizing text, writing essays, translating languages, generating ideas/content, and more.

ChatGPT quickly became extremely popular due to its advanced language capabilities. However, to manage demand and prevent misuse, OpenAI introduced phone number verification for new ChatGPT users in December 2022. This requires providing a valid phone number to create a new ChatGPT account.

Many people are reluctant to share their personal contact information or don’t have easy access to a phone number to verify. The good news is there are still several methods to use ChatGPT without phone number verification as discussed below:

Use Existing ChatGPT Accounts

Use Friends/Family Accounts

If your friends or family members already have a ChatGPT account created before mandatory phone verification, request them to share login access with you. Most ChatGPT accounts can be used concurrently on multiple devices as long as you don’t log in from the same device simultaneously.

So you can simply get the account credentials from someone willing to share access and start using ChatGPT freely without the need to provide your phone number.

Check Public ChatGPT Accounts

There are some publicly shared ChatGPT accounts available on forums, groups, messengers, etc. You can search online or ask around in your contacts if someone has come across a publicly posted ChatGPT account that you could utilize.

However, access to these accounts is not very reliable as credentials might change without notice or get blocked if many unknown users start accessing it. But it’s still worth checking as you may be able to find a working public account to use ChatGPT without personal verification.

Purchase Access from Resellers

A number of people have started reselling access to their existing personal ChatGPT accounts for a small fee, advertising them on marketplaces. You can search online marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Groups, Reddit channels etc. to find ChatGPT account sellers.

Prices can range from $2-$10 depending on demand, account age, usage limits imposed etc. While paying for access raises ethical concerns, it remains an easy option available. Do proper background research before purchasing to avoid scams.

Use ChatGPT Alternatives

There are a few emerging alternative AI chat tools similar to ChatGPT that don’t require phone verification currently and provide free usage:

Developed by Anthropic, is very similar to ChatGPT in capabilities. It can answer queries, write content, correct grammar, provide citations and more with excellent accuracy. Currently it remains in beta testing with no waitlists or barriers to access.

You only need to create an account with an email ID to start using Character freely without any limits. It’s one of the best ChatGPT alternatives in 2024 without phone verification.


Claude is another AI assistant bot created by Anthropic focused on writing helper tasks – write & improve essays, articles, cover letters, resumes, emails etc. Sign up is quick without any restrictions.

While capabilities are more narrow than ChatGPT, quality of writing guidance provided by Claude is very impressive for a free alternative without phone number verification.

QuillBot AI

While not a direct conversational bot like ChatGPT, QuillBot offers excellent AI paraphrasing, summarizing and grammar correction capabilities. It is completely free to use without account signups.

You can leverage QuillBot’s AI functions indirectly to assist with writing better quality content even without access to ChatGPT.

Use ChatGPT via Third-Party Interfaces

There are third-party websites and tools that are providing access to ChatGPT abilities without requiring personal login or phone verification:

ChatGPT Browser Extensions

Browser extensions like ChatGPT Offline, ChatGPT Unlimited & Reverso provide access to AI features like generating content, summarization, grammar correction etc. without official ChatGPT signups.

They offer browser-based access by integrating with the actual ChatGPT in the background anonymously via their own systems.

AI Websites Powered by ChatGPT

Some websites have created easy web interfaces to ChatGPT functionality without need for downloads or personal accounts. These include,, ChatGPT Zero etc.

They allow making ChatGPT queries directly through the browser anonymously via their proxy servers interlinked to ChatGPT. So you can get access to its AI capabilities without sharing personal information.

ChatGPT Mobile Apps

There are early third-party mobile applications like TellMeHow gaining popularity that offer ChatGPT-style support for question answering, content writing etc without need for verification.

As more such apps start leveraging APIs into ChatGPT in the background, it opens up access on mobile without official app installs or logins.

Generate OpenAI API Keys to Use ChatGPT Programmatically

For developers or those with some technical knowledge, you can access many ChatGPT features via OpenAI’s public APIs without being a signed-up user. Here’s how:

Apply for OpenAI API key

OpenAI provides free API access keys to build applications leveraging their AI systems like ChatGPT. Head over to and apply for a free public API key by providing an email address.

Implement OpenAI client code

Once approved, you’ll get an API key. Install Open AI’s code library in your preferred programming language framework like Python, NodeJS etc. Initialize an OpenAI client object using your assigned API key.

Make API calls

Refer OpenAI documentation to make API calls to functions like generating text, correcting grammar, summarizing passages etc. This gives you programmatic access to features similar to ChatGPT without requiring a ChatGPT account.

You are billed only if your usage exceeds free tier limits. This approach needs coding skills but grants more customization flexibility.

Potential Risks

While the methods discussed above allow you to use ChatGPT-like AI without phone verification, some risks to note include:

  • Access via free public accounts or keys could get withdrawn anytime
  • Performance may be throttled as OpenAI prioritizes paid users
  • Uploaded content not verified may lead to ban of accounts
  • Private data could get leaked/compromised based on sources used

So rely on legitimate methods based on your priorities & risk appetite when trying to avoid ChatGPT phone verification.


ChatGPT has quickly emerged as an incredibly capable AI assistant for common tasks but mandatory phone verification poses a challenge for many potential users.

However, as outlined above, you still have multiple workarounds to use the functionality offered by ChatGPT and its underlying language AI system without providing your personal contact number.

Each approach has its own pros and cons regarding reliability, privacy, technical comfort etc. Evaluate options like using available accounts or alternative free AI tools based on your specific needs and constraints.

Stay up-to-date on recent announcements from OpenAI for any changes in policies or restrictions that may affect some approaches. With rapid progress in AI generative models, more access choices keeping user privacy in mind are likely to emerge.

So keep exploring all available opportunities if you wish to use advanced language AI bots like ChatGPT without sharing personal identification!

FAQs Related to use ChatGPT Without Phone Number Verification:

Why is ChatGPT requiring phone number verification?

ChatGPT introduced mandatory phone number verification for new users to limit misuse of its platform. By verifying identities, OpenAI aims to discourage bad actors and build some accountability.

What are the risks of using ChatGPT without personal verification?

Major risks are unreliable access, throttled performance, chances of bans, and potential leaks of private data when using public accounts or keys.

Can I purchase access to an existing ChatGPT account safely?

Yes, it’s possible to purchase access safely but you need to thoroughly research the reseller first. Avoid deals that appear fake or too good to be true. Start with small durations to test.

How does accessing ChatGPT via third-party tools differ from official use?

Third-party tools indirectly connect to ChatGPT through their own servers instead of individual logins. So features might differ and change unexpectedly.

Can using an alternative like match ChatGPT’s performance? aims to provide a very similar conversational AI experience. But being in beta testing, capabilities may still be limited compared to more established ChatGPT model.

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